Quinn Wilson On-Camera Acting Workshop

Artistic Technique and Professional Development

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Quinn Wilson

Filmmaker Comedian



Saturday September 8, 2018


Children will be morning: 1.5 hrs for $35. 

Tweens will be midday: 2 hrs for $45. 

Adults will be late afternoon: 3hrs for $55.   

All signed agency talent receives $10 OFF. 


All registration for Quinn Wilson Workshop must be paid in full two weeks in advance or incur a 20% price increase.  The due date for payment is August 25, 2018.  All payments made after August 25, 2018 must be paid in cash or a money order.

Quinn Wilson (Director/Producer) takes students through a focused and fun-filled workshop developing both artistic practice and business savvy in this ever evolving on-camera acting world.


First focusing on artistic technique, students will run a series of exercises designed to enhance on-camera performance abilities in focuses such as T-marks, eye lines, coverage awareness, auditioning, emotional range and size, scene study and more depending on the specific interests of the class and time of the session. Students will focus on adapting general acting skills to the on-camera medium.


On the industry side of things, Wilson customizes his time with students to help them focus on their career goals while giving insights into headshot resume formatting, how to identify your type, current industry trends, self submitting do's and don't's, how to market yourself via the web, video and social and more depending on the current needs and goals of the students.

Younger students spend less time on industry and more time on artistic technique.


Wilson always focuses on the individual students careers, goals and ambitions in structuring each class and giving every student the opportunity to grow and learn in the areas they most desire. Career goal setting is key and will be discussed intensively.





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About Quinn Wilson

Based in Chicago, Wilson has a wide ranging career behind the camera from contract writing for Comedy Central, producing & casting commercials for Walgreen's & Miller Lite, as well as features like 'Embers'. Wilson also directed many Festival & Telly award-winning comedy and documentary shorts. He served as the Creative Director of the iO Comedy Network (iO Theater) where he taught 'Comedy Video Production' & 'On Camera Acting' for years. Wilson also understands in-front of the camera work as a comedian and actor for years in the Chicago industry; including commercial and television work. 

Learn more about Wilson's current work at his non-profit production company site WhatMattersProductions.com, at his personal site QuinnWilsonFilm.com, or via his commercial director representation at BigSpoonIndustries.com.